About Natalie: Natalie has been in love with reading ever since she was a rather adorable curly-haired tot. She survived four years of college and came out with a BA in English, also known as a Grammar Police License. Young Adult fiction has been her favorite of all genres for years and is something she wants to continue enjoying until she is old and/or gray, whichever comes first. (Seriously, she’s got, like, 20 gray hairs already at least.)

About the Natalie’s Nook site: “Natalie’s Nook” is where the one and only Natalie herself writes and publishes reviews about various YA novels. These reviews are not written in any particular order and may include anything from J.K. Rowling to John Green to Lois Lowry. (Stephanie Meyer is not invited to the party.)

About the Natalie’s Nook Twitter account: Follow my thoughts and notes on the books I’m currently reading on my Twitter account!

Credit for the site’s beautiful themes and setup goes to Amanda, Natalie’s best and graphic-design-gifted friend.